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The Vapur® Personal Vaporizer (also known as an "electronic cigarette"), is a revolutionary device that provides a clean and healthy alternative to traditional tobacco smoking. This is done by converting a flavored liquid (optionally containing nicotine) into a smoke-like vapor which is then inhaled safely and easily through the Vapur® personal vaporizer. The inhaled vapor, unlike tobacco smoke, contains no tar or known carcinogens, allowing you to enjoy your Vapur® without worrying about the risks associated with tobacco smoking and second-hand smoke!

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Electronic cigarettes are battery-powered devices that provide inhaled doses of a flavored liquid, with or without nicotine. Vapur®, an alternative to tobacco products, is an electronic cigarette made of three parts: an atomizer, a cartridge, and a battery. With automatic electronic cigarettes like Vapur®, the user inhales and, once the airflow is detected by the atomizer, the heat element is activated and vaporizes the solution – or essence – stored in the cartridge. These reusable and refillable devices, then, give off a flavor similar to that of tobacco smoke – only no secondhand smoke is emitted into the surrounding area.

Vapur® is sold in electronic cigarette starter kits. Each Vapur® starter kit comes with a choice of silver or black finish and has two rechargeable batteries, a charger with cord, an atomizer, and five cartridges with a tobacco flavor. The Vapur® electronic cigarette does not contain tobacco, tar, or the carcinogens in typical cigarettes and other tobacco products. Rather, the device produces a vapor, which the user inhales. The vapor, from the liquid inside the cartridge, may be tobacco flavored, although hundreds of other flavors with or without nicotine are available on the market.

Vapur® electronic cigarettes give you the freedom to smoke anywhere without secondhand smoke pervading the surrounding area. Full kits for Vapur® are sold online, and individual components are also available. Replacement electronic cigarette cartridges are sold in packs of five. Flavors are variable, and the nicotine strength comes in four options: "none," "low," "medium," and "high." The highest out of these four has 16 milligrams per milliliter of nicotine. Additionally, atomizers and batteries, the latter with a choice of blue or red LED light, are sold separately.

When you're looking for an alternative to tobacco, Vapur® is the best electronic cigarette available. Enjoy the sensation of smoking with Vapur® without the risks of tobacco and carcinogens.