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When you want an alternative to tobacco products, go with VapurŪ, an electronic cigarette that does not contain tobacco or any of the carcinogens associated with traditional cigarette or cigar use. Electronic cigarettes are battery-powered devices that provide inhaled doses of nicotine through an atomizer, and VapurŪ products offer the user this in a three-part tube format. The user can choose the level of nicotine that goes into the electronic cigarette, and VapurŪ liquid essences come in strengths varying from "none" to "high."

An electronic cigarette starter kit has all of the components for the device. VapurŪ kits come in black and silver, with the choice of a blue or red LED light, and have two rechargeable batteries, one charger, an atomizer, and five cartridges. Each VapurŪ electronic cigarette kit does not contain tobacco, tar, or any known carcinogens and produces only vapor when it use. Electronic cigarettes, like VapurŪ, give the user freedom to smoke anywhere and will not emit secondhand smoke.

Electronic cigarette cartridges are disposable, and refills will need to be obtained at a point. VapurŪ refill packs have five cartridges pre-filled with VapurŪ liquid essences. Choose from nicotine strengths ranging from "none" to "high," all with tobacco flavor.

Parts for VapurŪ electronic cigarettes are also sold separately, in case a replacement is needed. The atomizer component, for example, converts the liquid essence into vapor and is activated through inhalation by the user. The atomizer, however, needs a battery and cartridge to work and, because of a microchip and circuitry inside, should not be kept near metal devices or a heat source. Additionally, batteries for VapurŪ electronic cigarettes are also sold separately. This component powers the atomizer on every electronic cigarette and has an LED tip in blue or red. The LED tip will be lit when the device is in use.